On camera with students and alumni

Listen to the inspiring personal stories words of our students and alumni from across the Middle East, as they come face to face with the camera, including those in the earliest cohorts and more recent graduates and even current students. They share their personal highlights based on their learning experience and it’s clear that while every student has a distinctly personal experience, there are many aspects of the experience that are common to all students. They also share their heart-warming messages to the University’s team at the Middle East Centre in Dubai on the 15th anniversary.


Sunita Mirchandani


Mohammed Roushdy - Class of 2013


Rami Dweik - Class of 2013


Sam Shoaie - Class of 2010


Mahmoud Noureldin - Class of 2010


Lamya Aubert - Class of 2017


Khaled Khedr - Class of 2019


Amin Elkholy - Class of 2017


Amir Hossein Roshanzamir - Class of 2010


Trevor McFarlane