The University of Manchester Middle East Centre offers a range of postgraduate programs, including Master's degrees and MBA courses. These programs include:

Manchester Global Part-time MBA

Global Executive MBA

Part-time MA Educational Leadership in Practice

Part-time MSc Financial Management

To apply for a program, visit the official website of The University of Manchester Middle East Centre (www.manchester.ac.ae) and navigate to the "Study" section. Click on the specific program you are interested in and follow the instructions to complete the online application process.

The University of Manchester Middle East Centre has a physical Centre located in Office F16, Block 2B, Dubai Knowledge Park, PO Box 502907, Dubai. Students can attend masterclasses at the Centre, benefit from face-to-face interactions, and access various campus facilities like the Library.

The duration of the programs varies depending on the chosen course:

Manchester Global Part-time MBA – 24 months or 18 months (Finance Accelerated) flexible up to 5 years.

Global Executive MBA - 18 months

Part-time MA Educational Leadership in Practice - 24 months

Part-time MSc Financial Management - 24 months

For more information or assistance, you can contact the university through the following methods:

Phone: +971 (0)4 446 8664

Email: info.me@manchester.ac.ae

Visit the official website: https://www.manchester.ac.ae/contact-us/

The documents vary from course to course. Basic requirements are:

You will need to upload your Resume to be able to submit your application. It is an important part of our assessment. Your resume should ideally be no more than two pages in length and should include the following information:

Professional Experience

Academic Credentials

Degree Transcript & Certificate

English Language Proficiency

Admissions Test

Tuition fees can vary based on the program and level of study.

Manchester Global Part-time MBA

Fees: £37,700 (Paid in 4 installments)

Manchester Global Executive MBA

Fees: £41,500 (Paid in 3 installments)

Part-time MSc Financial Management

Fees: £21,525 (Paid in 4 installments)

Part-time MA Educational Leadership in Practice

Fees: £13,650 (Paid in 4 installments)

Online Payment: Debit or credit card payments can be made through the university's secure online payment portal.

Bank Transfer: Applicants may be able to make payments via bank transfer directly to the university's designated bank account. This option often requires applicants to include specific payment reference details during the transfer process.

Manchester Global Part-time MBA - At least 3 years of work experience

Global Executive MBA - Substantial and significant professional experience in management roles, needs to be proven, and currently you should be in a senior leadership position influencing the company’s strategy, decisions, and goals.

Part-time MA Educational Leadership in Practice - An initial qualification in teaching, or at least one year's professional experience in a public or private educational organization, are desirable but not essential requirements. IELTS Test score of 6.5 (or equivalent) if English is not your first language.

Part-time MSc Financial Management - We will consider candidates who have at least one year of relevant professional experience and demonstrate their suitability and motivation for this course. A degree in Finance is not a pre-requisite.

September 2023

Part-time MSc Financial Management

Part-time MA Educational Leadership in Practice

Tuition fee payment methods will be provided by the university's finance or student services department. Common payment options include online payment through the student portal, bank transfer, or payment at the university's finance office. 

The University of Manchester Middle East Centre provides various support services, such as academic advising, counseling, health services, career guidance, and disability support. 

How do I register for courses for the upcoming semester?

Course registration typically takes place through the university's online system. You will be notified of the registration period, and instructions will be provided on how to select your courses for the semester.