Corporate MBA

Investing in the future

We understand business. We know that to grow and develop in today's rapidly changing global environment recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best people is vital. By investing in an MBA, your company is making a long-term investment in the people who will lead your business in the future.

We have extensive experience of delivering world-class MBA programmes to corporates, globally. Over 3,000 companies have become associated with the university through a number of initiatives. We have established relationships with international corporations such as KPMG, PWC, JCB, BT, Tesco, and Astra Zeneca whose executives have benefited from blended learning programmes tailored to their exact specifications, where we have taken into account their business needs, corporate objectives, and specific learning outcomes.

A global reputation

With dedicated centres in Manchester, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Brazil, we can deliver our top ranked MBA globally.

Our regional centre in Dubai provides support for the entire student life-cycle experience and manages all aspects of programmes from the admissions stage to project stage and thereafter as Alumni.

We have the pleasure of offering our prestigious MBA programme to your company on a corporate level, under the Strategic Talent Partnership.

Please contact our global executive centre in Dubai to arrange a consultation in person or over the phone.

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