We Are Impactful!


Making another difference - sharing our personal impact video statements

The University of Manchester’s mission is to make a difference and an impact through everything we do across our work in learning, research and social responsibility.

Of course, this also includes supporting our students’ learning experiences and also their participation in the regional alumni community.

Our aim is also to become part of our student and alumni stories as they make a difference and a positive impact in their own lives, careers, organisations and communities around them.

So, we have created a new campaign to share these personal impact statements –#IAMIMPACTFUL

The videos come from students and alumni across our regional community of around 3,000 students and 5,000 alumni in total across the Middle East - working professionals (women and men) of more than 100 nationalities.

We invite you to view these personal messages covering a broad range of personal and professional experiences - and to take inspiration from them.

They cover student and alumni experiences in the workplace and the difference they are making to their companies, or as entrepreneurs, or as community activists and how they have overcome personal and other challenges to achieve their goals. We look forward to seeing more impact statements and sharing these with you.

These stories will help inspire others and so continue to make an impact – and a difference.

Contact alumni.me@manchester.ac.uk for details on how to submit your statement.

I’m Impactful: Amr Salem
I’m Impactful: Natalia Klimova
I'm Impactful with Isra Usman
I’m Impactful - Ziad Alshahrani
I’m Impactful - Mohammed Jaffar
I’m Impactful - Mashael Almansour
I’m Impactful - Saquib Ahmad