"Strategy in Uncertain Times – the Pandemic" by Prof Kevin Jagiello

Strategy in Uncertain Times – the Pandemic

The session pulls on content from the Alliance Manchester Business School’s Advanced Strategic Management ‘Capstone’ Course customised to the uncertain times we face.

The session has several elements:
• Uncertainty, Pandemics and Recessions
• Implications for Sectors and Economies
• Auditing your Strategic Position 
• Managing for Today and Planning for the Future
• The 3 phases to recovery
• Scenarios to help prepare for and manage uncertainty
• Imperatives for each Phase
• Leading out of adversity overview

Towards the end of the session, we will address all your queries and concerns.

About Kevin Jagiello

Prof Kevin Jagiello is a School alumni from the 1970’s. After several years as a strategy consultant, Kevin joined the School’s faculty in 1984 in the area of Strategic Management. 

For over 35 years Kevin has advised and consulted to companies and delivered executive and student education in Strategic Management for the School and his own firm.

Kevin delivers the School’s Advanced Strategic Management Course – the ‘Capstone’ which ‘brings it all together’ with a senior executive mindset. The Course is structured around five pillars, which all need to come together for effective Strategic Management:

• Analysing the External Environment
• Company Strategy
• Business Strategy
• Innovation and New Business Models
• Implementation

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