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At The University of Manchester - Middle East Centre, we pride ourselves on our challenging, life-changing MBA programme which attracts high caliber students from prestigious companies across the world.

We only recruit students who:

  • Are ambitious, dynamic high achievers
  • Want to push their career to the next level
  • Have the stamina and motivation to manage an intensive, challenging MBA Programme
  • Are open to new ideas, situations and challenges
  • Have high expectations of themselves and others
  • Thrive under extreme pressure
  • Are both excellent leaders and effective team players
  • Want to make a lasting impact on the business world
  • Are striving to become socially responsible managers.

If this is you, and you want to find out more please contact our Course Counsellors.

Triple Accreditation

zahi chaar

Zahi Chaar
Global MBA 2015
BDM - Chevrolet, GMC & Electrical Vehicles
General Motors, UAE

“The MBA not only helped me change my job, it changed my life! It gave me the opportunity to advance my career by moving to a leading multinational company. The MBA broadened my business thinking; my decisions are not only based on a sales perspective, they also integrate finance, accounting, marketing, operations and much more. During the ‘Business Simulation’ course, my colleagues and I had to take twelve business decisions and analyse the financial consequences; I never imagined that would become my real job after the MBA."

Elizabeth Meadowcroft

Elizabeth Meadowcroft
Global MBA 2011
Director, KPMG

"The MBA gave me a rounded understanding of business. The usual route to my current position would have been the ACA. This would have helped me to pull together a set of accounts, but the more in depth business knowledge I gained from the MBA helped me to get where I am today. It opened up my eyes to marketing, strategy and corporate finance and gave me a better, wider understanding of a business. It also helped me think about mergers and acquisitions with a business focus rather than just thinking ‘what do the numbers say?’

Hadler Favarin Martines

Hadler Favarin Martines
Global MBA 2016
PwC, Brazil

“Studying the MBA while working was very challenging, but it was a life-changing opportunity. The Global MBA is very flexible so when you need to work more, you can work more and when you need to study more, you can study more. Since graduating, I feel more prepared and confident to face the challenges of a fast-changing business environment. I've now got better business acumen and I believe the MBA will help me continue to grow my career progression. I highly recommend doing the Global MBA as it will change the way you do business."

flexible format

Flexible format

A customisable MBA that fits around your commitments - same qualification as our full-time MBA.

Blended Delivery

Blended Delivery

Online learning, six residential workshops and six-month project. As much face-to-face time as most full-time MBAs.

Applied Learning

Applied Learning

‘Learn by doing’ With the Manchester Method