Think Twice: 7 Good Reasons to Consider a Dual MBA Degree Programme

Think Twice: 7 Good Reasons to Consider a Dual MBA Degree Programme

Dual degrees come in many packages and offer a range of study benefits, so students can look at two areas of interest, at the same time. But when it comes to the MBA degree, what are the benefits? Here are 5 reasons to look at the dual degree option, when considering applying for an MBA degree programme: 


1 speed; a fast track to two degrees - by combining study programmes efficiently, you should be able to complete the two-degree courses at the same time, helping you make the most of your time and effort – and investment; your degrees may even be from different countries and education systems.   

2 choice; complementary study options mean that you can select from a broader range of electives and modules, while mixing and matching the most attractive courses to meet your study and learning (and career) objectives; with two programmes to select from, you should be able to tailor your programme even further to meet your learning and career goals.   

3  two countries? - depending on which degrees are combined into the dual programme, you may be able to pursue a dual MBA combining programmes from two different countries, enabling you to expand your international business knowledge base, and immersing you in two different business cultures – exposure to different ideas, people and ways of viewing business challenges and opportunities 

4  expand your network; with a dual MBA degree programme, you are likely to be working with student cohorts from more than one international location, and so be able to build and broaden your network of contacts, which is one of the principle non-academic benefits of any MBA programme – but double the benefit with a dual MBA. 

5  the cost advantage; two for the price of one may sound too good to be true but in effect, you may be getting a very good deal when you consider individual programme costs versus the total cost of the combined dual MBA degree. If you can find the right dual MBA programme, you should be able to get a strong return on your investment.  

6 – learning while earning; if your dual MBA combines complementary study formats, which could be part-time online, offline and with face to face contact with peers and faculty, then you can continue to work as you study at your own speed with the flexibility to manage other life and family commitments and interests.    

7 – career edge; depending on your career goals and choice of dual MBA degree, you may find the dual MBA option an advantage when developing your career and talking to prospective employers who are looking for a breadth and depth of experience, exposure and skills, beyond the boundaries of a single MBA programme.  


Whatever your study and career goal – accelerate your current career, switch careers, or even consider a more entrepreneurial path, then a dual MBA may equip to take you there with a wider range of business knowledge, specialist skills and leadership qualities. 


Think twice about the dual MBA option.