Neeraj Kumar - Regional Head, Customer Success (MENA), Newgen Software

Neeraj Kumar - Regional Head, Customer Success (MENA), Newgen Software

The MBA experience helps position alumnus for career success

As he takes up his new position following a recent move into a new senior management role with a new employer, Neeraj Kumar looks back at his MBA experience and reflects on how it has helped position him for continued career success. Neeraj shares his own story.

“After conducting thorough research on the top MBA providers, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends here who had enrolled on the Manchester Global Part-time MBA. Consequently, I decided to pursue my MBA with the University’s Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) and I followed the programme at AMBS from 2016 to 2018, when I graduated.”

Neeraj describes the educational experience as “enriching and it provided a wealth of knowledge and insights. There’s no doubt that leveraging this knowledge has significantly contributed to my professional success and career development.”

His decision to enrol on the Manchester MBA programme stemmed from a desire to further develop his skills, expand his knowledge and enhance his career prospects. “I aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of business principles, refine my leadership abilities, and cultivate a valuable network of professionals within the industry.”

He highlights the faculty-led and face-to-face components of the programme as being integral to its success. “Interacting directly with experienced professors provided invaluable insights, fostered meaningful discussions and facilitated a deeper understanding of complex concepts. Additionally, face-to-face interactions with peers promoted collaboration, networking, and the exchange of diverse perspectives, enhancing the overall learning experience.”

For Neeraj, his MBA journey was truly transformative, marked by rigorous academic challenges, enriching experiences, and significant personal and professional growth. “One particular highlight was the opportunity at the regular MBA workshops to engage with a range of classmates with different backgrounds and experience, as well as faculty members, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Additionally, participating in experiential learning projects and networking events allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and expand my professional horizons.

“Even today, I actively apply a range of strategic models and theories from the teaching on Professor Kevin Jagiello’s Advanced Strategic Management course.”

When he started his MBA journey, Neeraj was working in the banking sector and he had a general career direction in mind but the MBA focused this: “My specific career plan evolved as I moved deeper into the programme. Through some strategic planning and the networking opportunities provided by the MBA experience, I've made significant progress towards my career objectives. While there have been some adjustments along the way, I'm pleased with the trajectory of my professional development, thus far.”

Neeraj has successfully navigated career transitions between BFSI (Banking Financial Services Insurance) and ICT environments, with the MBA playing a pivotal role in facilitating these shifts. “The programme also equipped me with a more versatile skill set and a broader understanding of business dynamics, enabling me to adapt to diverse industries. Moreover, the MBA's emphasis on leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving proved instrumental in transitioning from IT roles to customer-focused executive positions. It provided me with the confidence, knowledge, and network necessary to thrive in these dynamic professional environments.”

In his new role, Neeraj is progressing well. “I'm finding it both challenging and rewarding as I dig deeper into its responsibilities and opportunities. I'm excited about the chance to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the success of the team and the organisation as a whole.”

Looking ahead, he sees a trajectory of continuous growth and evolution in terms of his own personal development and career. “I aspire to leverage my experiences, skills, and knowledge gained through my education and professional experience to pursue leadership roles that allow me to drive positive change and innovation within my industry.”

Neeraj is clearly committed to ongoing learning, adaptability, and embracing new challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development. “Ultimately, I aim to make a lasting impact and contribute meaningfully to the success of my organisation and the broader community. This broader awareness and sense of responsibility is something that comes with studying the Manchester MBA.

“I would like to thank AMBS, the professors and support staff at the Middle East Centre, who have all been instrumental in my development. I am especially grateful to the Careers and Alumni Relations team (thankyou, Hiba!) for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my journeys.”