Middle East Centre supports Jadarah

Middle East Centre supports Jadarah

An initiative by Al Tayyar Travel Group’s Strategic Online Business Unit


Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit has launched a professional development programme to shape the future of 30 young Arabs looking to kick-start their careers. The six-month programme Jadarah (meaning ‘competence’) will give young people an insight into some of the world’s most successful businesses and provide them with the tools for their own success. Jadarah is exclusively available to Arab nationals, with eligible candidates being new graduates and candidates with less than three years of professional work experience.

The programme offers participants the opportunity a choice of two courses — Business or Technology Development – to gain entrepreneurial skills through on-the-job training in the regional and global digital industry. Participants will also have a dedicated mentor and access to weekly guest speaking slots and networking.

From our launch in the region in 2006, The University of Manchester Middle East Centre has devoted significant time and effort to engaging with the local community and supporting various initiatives, through our centre team as well as our community of students and alumni in the Middle East. There is special relevance when the initiative is focused on learning and development, such as Jadarah - we also have a special connection through one of our alumni, who is leading the programme.

The University is supporting Jadarah by providing soft skills training sessions to the group on Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence, through our in-house careers service and student counselling teams. Soft skills are increasingly recognised as being essential for success in the workplace and a vital component of leadership. The ability to communicate effectively, empathise with others, lead and influence are all qualities of successful leaders.

The Middle East has one of the youngest regional populations around the world, and this comes with many challenges but also opportunities.

Young people represent the future and the real wealth of the region and it is important they are supported and developed to be able to take on the leadership and other roles to sustain the progress of countries in the region. This means education and preparing them for work, leadership, and a technology driven-world.

The region has many bright, ambitious young people who are eager to learn, grow, and continue contributing to their communities and the accelerating region. Jadarah is providing young people with the preparation and opportunity they need to succeed.

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