Manchester Institute of Education visits Dubai

Manchester Institute of Education visits Dubai - Drew/Alex

The Middle East Centre has hosted the visit to Dubai of senior representatives of the Manchester Institute of Education – School of Environment, Education and Development, at The University of Manchester. During their visit, Dr. Drew Whitworth, Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy, and Dr. Alexander Gardner-McTaggart, Lecturer in Educational Leadership, met with specialists from the education in Dubai and also hosted a public Masterclass on Technology and Innovation in Education.
The Masterclass looked at how we develop and nurture innovation, and asked about the insights to be gained from understanding how learners work with technology, and what this means for institutions and how they typically make decisions about technology strategy and policy. The session went on to how digitisation and informatisation impacts the work of educational institutions, and how teachers and managers need to respond to issues raised such as privacy and security, internationalisation, and cultural colonisation.

The Manchester Institute of Education is developing a blended Masters in Educational Leadership in Practice programme, for a global rollout.