Malek Karali - Chief Financial Officer, Innovethics FZ-LLC

Malek Karali - Chief Financial Officer, Innovethics FZ-LLC

Thinking beyond finance

Malek Karali applies his more than 23 years’ experience and deep understanding of numbers and strategies to global finance and business operations, driving business success and growth and optimising operations. Malek is the founder and owner of Innovethics - a Ras Al Khaimah-based consulting company.

Through his career, Malek has faced head-on and overcome multiple commercial challenges while successfully leading in challenging situations and adjusting business models to develop high-volume profitable business internationally, thanks to his deep understanding of organizational behavior and leadership style. His forensic approach to his role is underpinned by the fact that he is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Malek shares his MBA story here – how and why he chose Manchester and the benefits he has gained from the Global Part-time MBA experience.

Why did you join the Global Part-time MBA programme?

There were a number of factors involved in my decision to join the Global MBA, a decision which I made after I had already gained a lot of business experience with a focus on finance. This was important to the timing of the MBA because part of the reason to start the programme was to expand my exposure to other areas of business and develop knowledge that really complemented my existing career experience. There was also the ability to tailor learning with a choice of elective courses. I was also looking to enrich my learning in international business practices and economies and, of course, to grow my professional network of contacts through the University’s extensive global student and alumni community.

How did you choose The University of Manchester?

The decision was straightforward because the Global Part-time MBA programme offered everything I was looking for including the rich course content and faculty-led face to face MBA workshops around the University’s international network of, with the direct personal exposure to different cultures and international business environments. We also have access to the support of the Middle East Centre and all its services, including careers. Finally, the Global MBA offers a unique flexible learning format so that we can plan our work and schedule our studies to a significant degree. As an MBA programme designed for experienced working professionals – many already in highly pressurized senior roles – this is a critical factor.

How has the MBA experience benefitted your career?

The MBA has delivered everything I had hoped for and expected – it has enriched my skills and knowledge across a wide variety of business operations and really added value to my own career experience. All of this combines to create a level of competence that means I have very confidently moved into the c-suite and can discuss business operations in depth with high profile investors .

What would say to someone considering an MBA?

Based on my personal experience of studying for the Global MBA with The University of Manchester, I would encourage any ambitious working professional to look at all the options and choose the right programme based on

learning objectives, course content, and study format. I believe with the right commitment that an MBA can really add value and boost someone’s career, while broadening their knowledge and understanding of business.