AcceMind announces its visionary initiative to address the innovation deficit in the GCC


Powered by scientific insights, AcceMind is set to pioneer a cultural transformation in corporations, fostering radical innovation in the region

AcceMind ( has today unveiled its ground-breaking approach to bridging the innovation gap in the GCC. Addressing the deeply rooted challenges in corporate culture, Dubai-based AcceMind seeks to empower organizations with the tools and insights needed for a sustainable innovative edge. The company’s movement is being supported by The University of Manchester Middle East Centre.

The GCC, despite its abundant resources and geopolitical stability, trails behind many countries in the global innovation arena*. AcceMind’s founder, Usama Nouri, backed by extensive research and collaboration with international institutions, identified corporate culture as the pivotal element in this deficit. Unlike traditional consultancy approaches, AcceMind offers a blend of academically tested qualitative and quantitative methods. The company’s unique strategies aim to recruit internal organizational advocates, fostering genuine, lasting change.

Usama Nouri, Founder of AcceMind: “Our vision is not just to offer solutions but to ignite a movement. A movement where innovation becomes second nature to companies in the GCC. AcceMind is an open invitation to leaders and intellectuals alike to join hands in this monumental task”.

Eman Hamshari, Co-Founder and Partner at AcceMind: “True innovation requires a marriage of academic understanding and practical application. AcceMind stands at this intersection, ready to lead the GCC into its rightful place on the global innovation stage.”

Randa Bessiso, Middle East Director, The University of Manchester, comments: “The University of Manchester Middle East Centre has always been at the forefront of fostering creativity and innovation in business through our teaching in the region, our part-time Master’s programmes for working professionals and corporate partnerships. We have also been active in regional research into the underlying factors influencing creativity and innovation and especially around the role of organizational leadership. AcceMind’s unique approach aligns with our teaching and research mission and we are delighted to support this potentially powerful transformative ‘movement’ – and an initiative by a prominent member of the University’s student/alumni community in the Middle East.”

*Global Innovation Index 2022 (

About AcceMind

Founded by Usama Nouri, AcceMind is a beacon of change in the GCC’s innovation landscape. With a mission to transform corporate cultures, AcceMind offers comprehensive solutions, from in-depth engagements, to thought leadership content. The firm’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by its association with world class organizations such as The University of Manchester Middle East Centre.