Your Turning Point - Creating a Comeback that is Stronger than your Setback by Jyothika Shetty

Join our alumni speaker session in partnership with Dubai Knowledge Park featuring The University of Manchester alumnus Jyothika Shetty, Strategic Life Coach and Author on the topic "Your Turning Point - Creating a Comeback that is Stronger than your Setback".
The recent times have been daunting and have left many in a conundrum with regards to their future. Such unexpected setbacks are not exclusive to a pandemic and can happen at any time and at any age. Job loss, relationship failure or even a death of a close one can spiral your life down to the bottom leaving you stuck and clueless in life.  
The strongest of people when faced with unexpected situations can lose confidence and clarity in life. They live in denial depriving themselves of the life they deserve, guilt being one of the main reasons. 
The truth is, many are stuck because they focus more on what went wrong instead of what can be right. However, the latter is possible when you develop a clear mindset by understanding yourself better and creating your own success blueprint. Find out in this webinar with Jyothika Shetty,a Strategic life coach and ex-Alumni on how you can unleash yourself and create Your Turning Point.

About the Speaker:

An Alumna of Alliance Manchester Business School, Jyothika Shetty is a former corporate banker with over a decade of experience in the field of commercial banking, risk and financial management with BNP Paribas. This is followed by over 11 years of experience as an entrepreneur in a family owned construction business in Dubai. She is a public speaker and a Toastmaster for the last 8 years and international author of the book "Back in Control" a woman's journey of managing unexpected changes. 
She is also a Strategic Life coach where she partners with clients in a thought provoking and systematic process that helps them maximise their personal and professional potential. She also holds an International Diploma in Compliance and is a certified soft skills trainer and image consultant. Her passion lies in the area of public speaking, writing and coaching and has mentored several aspirants to conquer the fear of public speaking and become effective leaders. Jyothika is a Mother of three children and married for the last 23 years.
She loves to connect to people and has a vision to impact the lives of 5000 people by 31st December 2025 and she says the magic has just begun. 

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