Online Masterclass with Paul Patton Behavioural Economy & Disruptive Technologies

Join us for a Masterclass with Paul Patton to discover how business strategy is adjusting and needs to adjust in the current ‘new’ business environment. The focus will be on the changing relationships between technology, innovation and business strategy and the association with improved business efficiencies.

The Masterclass will provide an overview of how our behaviour has shifted from being a ‘consumer’ to that of a ‘onsumer’; how Covid-19 has intensified the pace of this change; how businesses have adapted and adopted to this change; how this has been underpinned by various disruptive technologies that has impacted innovation and efficiency across various businesses.

The Masterclass will also briefly explore how disruptive technologies has enabled the growth of the sharing economy. The question is ‘How is your business strategy adjusting to technological innovation arising from the current pandemic’?

About Paul Patton

Paul Patton is a Director with Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, an authority responsible for the development and delivery of education and training in Ireland. Paul has specific responsibility for the strategic direction and delivery of Further Education and Training programmes to approximately 25,000 learners annually and a budget of circa €70m.

Paul has considerable experience in the education sector and has delivered workshops and Masterclasses on behalf of the Alliance Manchester Business School for over 20 years in Manchester, Dubai, Signapore, Shanghai, HongKong, Hyderabad, Miami and Jamaica.

Paul specialises in Strategy & Competition covering topics as wide ranging as Disruptive Technologies, the Sharing Economy, Game Theory Strategy with particular focus on innovation, efficiencies, investment and profitability.

This is a great opportunity to engage with Paul in what will be an interesting Masterclass on ‘Disruptive Technologies and the Sharing Economy’.

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