Mobile Broadband 5G and 4G, a Pillar for UAE’s Social and Economic Development with Saleem AlBlooshi, Hani Yassin and Jawad J. Abbassi

We are delighted that you are watching The University of Manchester Middle East Centre online webinar on “Mobile Broadband (5G and 4G) as a pillar for the UAE’s social and economic development”. This is a great topic, not just for MBA students, but for everybody in the technology industry.
The UAE is a global leader in adopting mobile telecommunications technology. In addition to operating reliable and wide 4G networks, high-speed FO broadband Internet, Etisalat and Du were among the world’s first operators to launch 5G services that promise to transform industries and verticals. 

In this webinar, you will hear from the UAE’s top major Telecom operators on their vision for the mobile broadband networks in advancing the UAE’s social and economic development. 

At the end of the session, we will have a short Q&A to answer some of your questions.

About the Speakers:

Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, EITC, du - UAE 
Saleem AlBlooshi heads the Technology division within EITC and is responsible for driving the company’s transformative network strategy into the digital age. His day-to-day role entails ensuring emergent technologies are used efficiently, to generate maximum profitably and security for all stakeholders. Additionally, he also oversees the evaluation and implementation of new systems and infrastructures, and monitors Network & IT operational KPIs and budget to assess technological performance and communicate technology strategy to board members and partners. 
As a leading industry figure, Saleem built one of the first IMS infrastructures in the region, and accelerated the rollout of du’s mobile and fixed network across the UAE. He is also the face of EITC’s network transformation arm and regularly represents the company in all government and smart city initiatives. Saleem’s legacy extends to leading several successful efficiency initiatives and bolstering the proliferation of a continuous improvement culture throughout EITC.  
With 23 years of experience in Business and Telecom and a proven track record of success in delivering first-rate technology, customer experiences, and business solutions, Saleem is a skilled and ambitious leader with a range of skills and business competencies in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. 
Prior to joining du, he worked at Etisalat and within its international subsidiaries for 13 years in various managerial roles, before moving to SmartWorld as the Chief Technology Officer until August, 2008.  

Hani Yassin, Group Sr. Director, Technology Strategy at Etisalat – UAE

Hani Yassin is head of Technology Strategy at Etisalat International. His responsibilities include defining group-wide mobile and fixed network evolution strategy, driving the development of new mobile and fixed technologies as well as developing network strategies to achieve synergies and savings across Etisalat International Opcos. In addition, Mr. Yassin works with Etisalat International Opcos on developing network architecture frameworks and standards, based on the latest global technology trends and best practices. Another area of focus is analyzing relevant technology processes to recommend optimizations in order to enhance functional performance and efficiency. 

Previously, Mr. Yassin was head of Product and Technology Marketing at Qualcomm International overseeing the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Mr. Yassin was responsible for defining and executing Qualcomm’s strategy to promote royalty-bearing technologies and product portfolio across the region. His responsibilities included defining market requirements for Qualcomm products, Go-to-Market strategy for Qualcomm direct customers and aligning Qualcomm product road map with regional telecom industry stakeholders. Mr. Yassin also worked with wireless operators to develop strategic plans for their network and device evolution to match their business needs and future growth.  

Prior to moving to the Middle East, he assumed several leadership roles in engineering management at Qualcomm headquarters in the USA.  

• BSEE from the State University of New York - USA 
• MSEE from the Georgia Institute of Technology – USA

Jawad J. Abbassi, Head of MENA, GSMA – UAE

Jawad leads the GSMA MENA team in the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia responsible for GSMA work & activities in the MENA region, which spans 25 countries. He oversees the MENA advocacy activities and GSMA programs such as future networks and technology programs. As a team, our role also includes engaging our members (the mobile operators) in the strategic directions of the GSMA including strategies for 5G deployments, Internet of Things, Identity and AI. 
The GSMA MENA team works with a wider team of mobile experts based in London and other locations within the GSMA are in charge of engaging all stakeholders in the region and advocacy work to ensure the sustainable investments in mobile broadband networks. Our work includes promoting the mobile industry’s positive contributions to regional and national economic development at the highest levels, influencing the region’s major opinion leaders.  
Jawad’s career experience in ICT and Media spans 26 years. Before joining the GSMA as head of MENA in Oct 2015, Jawad managed the Arab Advisors Group, which he had founded in 2001 and sold 55% of the company to the Arab Jordan Investment Bank in 2005. Before founding Arab Advisors Group, Jawad’s career experience included working as a senior telecommunications and technology consultant with the Yankee Group in Boston - USA.  Between 1998 and 2000, Mr. Abbassi was a Senior Analyst with the communications research arm of The Economist Intelligence Unit in Boston. 
Jawad is also a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars related to technology, communications and media in the Arab World.  
Jawad has received his BSc in Engineering from the American University in Cairo -Egypt in 1993 and received a scholarship for an MSc in information systems from the London School of Economics in 1998. He also completed executive education courses in finance for Senior Executives from Harvard Business School in July 2010 and Comparative Tax Policy in August 2018 from Harvard Kennedy School. 

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