Making sense of Valuations in the age of the digital revolution by Prof Malcolm Smith

We are all being impacted by changes in the marketplace, and the way that companies are valued. We live at an extraordinarily interesting time, when perceptions are changing, and the digital revolution is taking over from the industrial revolution.

We help you to understand how these values are determined in this exclusive masterclass on Venture Capital and Private Equity module.

About Professor Malcolm Smith:

Malcolm Smith spent 35 years in corporate life, many in large scale private companies owned by entrepreneurs. He was the CEO of an international business with a turnover of $1Bn for 10 years and has worked in both the East and West. Malcolm entered Private Equity as a turn round CEO, and has enjoyed over 10 years in the Venture Capital sector as an investor and non exec director, alongside his business activities. He is involved in MBA programmes at Alliance MBS and executive education courses in negotiation at Alliance MBS, London Business School and Harvard.

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