Education in a Digital Age by Dr Andrew Whitworth

Developments in information and communication technologies have been impacting on education for many decades, but in the last few years the pace of change has accelerated.  In the first place, new technologies are being introduced not only into classrooms but, probably with greater impact, into the management of education, and the gathering of data about learners.  More significantly still, digital spaces are now fully integrated into the everyday lives of learners of all ages, and even before the present health situation, had become the primary means by which we access information and entertainment, manage our social networks, and present ourselves and our activities to the world.  This masterclass discusses how digitisation forces us to think about many aspects of education differently -- the way that learners access it, the outcomes they expect, and how we must guard against its negative aspects.

About Dr Andrew Whitworth

Dr Andrew Whitworth is Reader in the Manchester Institute of Education. Until 2019  he was Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy in MIE. His most recent book Mapping Information Landscapes, published in June 2020. investigates techniques by which leaners can be helped to make better judgements about information and technology.  He teaches on the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education, and the MA Educational Leadership in Practice at The University of Manchester

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