Driving Organizational Agility and Resilience with Tim Shelton

Join us for an alumni speaker session on the topic “Driving organizational agility and resilience during a period of high global business uncertainty –  Lessons from 2020 and enabling the new normal”  by University of Manchester MBA Alumnus Timothy Shelton.


About Tim Shelton

Industry and academically acclaimed strategist, digital enabler and change leader, transforming and driving business excellence and innovation through industry, global enterprise and major capital programs. 18 years of experience gained through working in both client-side and consultant roles in the UK and Middle East.

Well versed in best-practice major project and programme delivery, Tim is a seasoned Construction & Real Estate (“CRE”) executive who has demonstrable experience in developing the strategy, tools, assurance, governance and protocol in order to ensure value-added and successful outcomes for major real estate and infrastructure clients. In the UK and Middle East based career spanning over 17 years, Tim’s career has transitioned from traditional, consultant-based roles in commercial management to strategic, client-side roles focused on business efficiency and enhanced performance through digitally-enabled major asset delivery.

As an advocate of asset delivery best practice and industry thought leader, Tim is a firm believer in adopting collaborative and digital delivery approaches as a means of extracting greater value across the integrated supply chain and to ensure that delivery stakeholders are objectively aligned and sufficiently driven by performance and data. This has led to an informed view of how the CRE sector is transitioning and an understanding of how industry stakeholders need to respond by tailoring and diversifying their services accordingly which has been recognised through his appointment as Digital Transformation Lead for the Middle East, for Global Design and Consultancy firm, Arcadis.

In his transformation role, it is Tim’s job to ensure his organization has a clear strategic roadmap that manages this transformation; first and foremost in their employees, but also in the processes and the technology they use. His role also includes the formation of collaborative industry partnerships that are created in order to bring the transformation to life through changing the “what” and “how” the business delivers to market in new innovative ways.

Tim thrives on being able to inspire people and to get them to think bravely, and assist them in nurturing new ideas that will ultimately change the face of the CRE industry for years to come. One example of this is how Tim has launched of an innovation platform in Arcadis to encourage the introduction of new ideas from across his organisation. The platform is open to all, with the best ideas for business improvement and new products rewarded through idea coaching, development and exposure to the global business.

As an industry change champion and thought leader, Tim also has a passion for bridging the gap between private industry and education in order to nurture the required emerging skillsets necessary to support the required change in the CRE industry. Tim has spoken at numerous public events with regard to the importance of a collaborative partnership between educational institutions and private industry.

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