Career Session: Self-Awareness For Enhancing Career Management by Emma Beesley

Being self-aware is clearly understanding who we are and how others see us. Improving this can enhance your career management and support with all aspects of life including personal and professional.
In this Webinar, Emma Beesley will take you through a process of:

1) Understanding self-awareness in more depth
2) Reviewing your own self-awareness
3) Learning methods for improving self-awareness and enhancing your career prospects.

About Emma Beesley

Emma is a Chartered Business Psychologist who has led Human Resources Teams in the region for the past 14 years. The majority of the roles have had a strategic focus, where aligning people development strategy with overarching business objectives has been at the core.

More recently she has divided her focus between two main areas. Firstly, being part of the Leadership Team for a Human Resources Tech company that is rapidly growing in the Middle East Region. Secondly supporting individuals in the capacity of a corporate and life coach (client led).

Her area of passion is to enable growth and development, whether at corporate or individual level.

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