High Impact Networking for Career Advancement

High impact networking for career advancement

High Impact Networking for Career Advancement

2:30pm to 3:30pm UAE Time

The main purpose of this session is to give you concrete, high impact tools that you can start applying immediately to make your networking for career advancement more effective (and efficient). But before doing that, we will highlight a few of the key principles that make the difference between successful and unsuccessful networking: we will discuss what networking should be used for, and dive into the mindsets of the people who will agree to network with you. Once we have done that, we'll have the proper foundations to get very practical. We will then learn how to ask for a networking conversation (including with strangers) effectively and efficiently, and how to conduct the conversation in a way that not only produces the insights you are looking for but also establishes credibility and builds relationship. After the session is completed, you will have everything you need to start networking that gets you results.

About the Speaker: Nicolas Constantinesco

Nicolas’ driving passion is to help business professionals achieve greater effectiveness and find greater meaning in their work through skill building and personal development. After spending 4 years in the airline industry developing route networks and obtaining his MBA from Chicago Booth, Nicolas spent 8 years at McKinsey where he advised businesses on their challenges and opportunities and helped client individuals grow their personal impact. Nicolas was also partner at KPMG where he built a new unit of 40 operations consultants. Beyond client work, Nicolas was also passionate about recruiting and professional development: at McKinsey he was in charge of MBA recruiting and lead faculty for several internal training programs; at KPMG, he led the recruiting drive to build the team and designed a holistic system for performance management, evaluations and promotions. Nowadays, Nicolas focuses primarily on helping business professionals and students build their capabilities in 3 key areas: problem solving, storytelling and networking.  Nicolas is also an active owner and investor in the US fitness market.