Boosting Your Mental Resilience During & Post COVID-19 with John Kairouz

Boosting Your Mental Resilience During & Post COVID-19 with John Kairouz

Boosting Your Mental Resilience During & Post COVID-19 with John Kairouz

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Dubai Time

COVID-19 is a global crisis with global repercussion on both business and our rhythm of living. As humans our brains are wired to protect us from known and unknown dangers. In a situation like this in which our mind battles the many unknowns on the business and personal life front, it is only natural to feel the stress build up and see symptoms of that in the following areas: 
• Lack of ability to think clearly and focus
• Feeling odd and unwelcome symptoms in our body
• Poor mood management
• Lack of effective communication
• Poor ability to concentrate
• Feeling stuck, anger or anxiety
• Low mood and possibly poor sleep
If you or anyone in your family/team is experiencing these common symptoms rest assured we have quick solutions that work. 

This webinar has been engineered using the most advanced techniques in neuroscience, neurobiology and mind management to empower you and your family/team to master your mind and become more mentally resilient and tough during these challenging times. 
Brain Based Coach and expert in Human Behavior John Kairouz will share exercises and techniques to empower your mind and that of your family/team to ensure that we all switch from “Surviving” to “Thriving” during these testing times. 

About John Kairouz

John is a Human Development Consultant, Brain Based Coach, Master Trainer, Mentor, Motivational & Technical Speaker, TV Anchor, Master of Ceremony, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Researcher, Writer and Organizational Development Specialist.

His experience is built on having consulted, trained, and coached over 220 companies in 16 industries on 3 continents. John has spent over 17 years extensively researching Human Behavior within organizations in the areas of Neuroscience & Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Brain Training, Brain Nutrition, Cultural Engineering, Science of Leadership, Science of Communication, Science of Sales, Science of Service & Body Language. 

His passion to help accelerate human performance & enhance culture has made him a leader in the coaching, training, mentoring and speaking industry. 
John received multiple awards and certificates of recognition for excellence in performance from breaking national sales records 3 years in a row, to training, coaching and training over 70,000 individuals in Europe and the MENA region. 

Being blessed with a multi-cultural background, John’s sensitivity to the beliefs, values, behavior, psycholinguistics and the nuances of the many countries and types of companies he has trained have allowed him to master communication and the ability to inspire people into permanent change.