MSc REAM - Study Format

You will attend a 5 day face to face workshop for each unit. There will be four workshops each academic year at The University of Manchester’s Middle East Centre, located at the heart of Dubai’s Knowledge Park. At these workshops, you will undertake practical activities in small multinational groups and complete applied maintenance challenges that are relevant to your workplace. Our blended learning approach combines the very best interactive e-learning with the Manchester Method - the ‘action learning’ approach developed here at The University of Manchester in the 1960s.

Workshop Schedule

Year 1Module
Workshop 1Machinery Vibration-based Condition Monitoring
Workshop 2Asset Maintenance Strategy and Organisation
Workshop 3Safety, Legislation & Cost Effectiveness
Workshop 4Auditing Asset Management & Maintenance Organisations


Year 2Module
Workshop 5Design for Reliability and Asset Management
Workshop 6Turnaround Management
Workshop 7Reliability, Maintainability and Risk
Workshop 8Asset Maintenance Systems

In addition to your face to face workshop for each unit you will also complete a dissertation project. You will be supported by an academic supervisor relevant to your chosen project area and will have regular contact with them to support your study.


Programme Topics

Our Reliability Engineering and Asset Management (MSc) is the only global programme that offers a complete spectrum of education with real industrial applications in the field of plant maintenance. 

You can expect to study units covering the topics summarised below:

Asset Management & Maintenance Strategy

  • Asset & maintenance strategies aligned to the business requirements 
  • Tasks based on criticality & failure patterns 
  • Continuous improvement mechanisms 

Asset Maintenance Systems

  • A systems based approach to effective Asset Maintenance 
  • The application of Predictive, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance 
  • Control of Maintenance Costs, Logistics and Resources 

Maintenance Organisation

  • Organisational options for getting work done safely & cost-effectively 
  • The importance of leadership, communication & engagement 
  • Effective management of outsourced activities & optimization of maintenance spare parts 

Condition Monitoring

  • Industrial Condition Monitoring Approaches to reduce machine downtime 
  • Machine vibration measurements, signal processing and data interpretation 
  • Fault diagnosis, modal (Bump) tests and many case studies 

Design for Reliability & Asset Management

  • Learning from major failures and near misses as feedback to improve design. 
  • Appreciate the human factors that influence design for maintainability. 
  • Undertake design evaluations at the organisation, system, equipment, and information systems levels. 

Turnaround Management

  • Initiation, Planning and Preparation of major industrial Turnarounds 
  • Methodology for Managing Product to Product Turnaround Execution 
  • Using a model of Excellence to assess Turnaround Performance 

Auditing Asset Management & Maintenance Organisations

  • How to carry out a successful audit in a limited time 
  • Gathering the necessary information 
  • Creating a practical improvement plan with impact 

Reliability, Maintainability & Risk

  • Risk Assessment methods for Failure Mode Management. 
  • System Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis. 
  • Human Reliability Assessment for improved operational performance.