Global MBA graduation celebrations go virtual

Global MBA graduation celebrations go virtual

In response to the need to maintain social distancing, minimise gatherings and protect the health and safety of all our students, guests and staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The University of Manchester and Alliance Manchester Business School has hosted our first online graduation celebrations. 

The MBA ceremonies gave our recent graduands the opportunity to come together with Alliance MBS colleagues, families and each other, and recognise their hard work and achievements. While we were unable to come together in person, celebrations for our full-time MBA, Global MBA, undergraduate and postgraduate students were all held virtually. 

59 Global Part-time MBA students From the Middle East Centre celebrated their graduation virtually thanks to the special online ceremony hosted from the Manchester campus. Of the regional group, 20 students graduated with distinction, and a further 38 graduated with merit, reflecting the consistently high standards achieved by cohorts of students from the Middle East. 

Among her comments during the online graduation ceremonies, Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, said: “This is a time when we celebrate all your achievements albeit in unusual circumstances. It’s certainly a first for me as a way of marking your accomplishments. During the course of your studies you will have gained the skills and knowledge to help you find success in future years, and more recently you have proved even greater ability with your resilience and versatility in the face of a global transformation of our everyday lives and learning. Put simply, your achievement in completing your degree cannot be overestimated for its value and the strong platform it gives you to build your career and achieve your goals. 

“So, armed with your academic success, your skills and your breadth of experience, there is every reason to be positive about the future. Your job prospects having studied here are enviable because employers all around the world recognise the value of the award you have gained. Remember our doors are always open to you.”

Xavier Duran, MBA Programmes Director at Alliance Manchester Business School, commented: “No pandemic can minimise the huge accomplishment that completing the MBA represents or rob you of the future opportunities that await you, now you have such a valuable qualification. You are rightfully feeling proud about adding three new letters to the end of your name. You have made us proud over the last couple of years with the amazing promotions you got and the new business ventures projects you launched on the back of live business projects. 

“An MBA from Manchester has provided you with an understanding of how organisations work, the context in which they operate and how we manage and lead them. Most importantly, we hope we have successfully equipped you with a number of skills – collaboration,  communications, creativity - critical thinking skills which, together with confidence and trust in the future will better position you to seize the opportunities that change will bring. 

“You have all worked hard for this degree and deserve the benefits and opportunities the MBA is likely to bring. However the MBA also comes with some responsibilities. Firstly, to yourselves - to make the most of the opportunities arising and the transformation process. Secondly, remember those affected by your long hours of studies – family and friends have also made a huge investment and it’s your responsibility to make it up to them for their sacrifices. Thirdly, you have the responsibility to give back to society and to help others in society gain the opportunities you have had. 

“Thank you for the trust you have placed in us by choosing the Global MBA and I hope you had a good experience with us and will continue your lifelong learning journey. Please keep in touch and share your journeys with us.”

Speaking about the MBA virtual graduation ceremonies, Randa Bessiso, Director-Middle East, The University of Manchester, added: “We are delighted that the University has been able to host virtual graduations for our Global Part-time MBA students from the Middle East and congratulate them all on their achievement. They have proved their resilience in completing this demanding blended learning programme and successfully balancing life, work and studies, even with the additional challenge of Covid-19. Their accomplishments deserve special recognition in these exceptional circumstances. The virtual graduation ceremony is a compromise of course but we were very pleased that our President and Vice-Chancellor, Dame Nancy Rothwell, was able to join the ceremony and deliver her personal message of support to all the graduates.”