Masterclass in Dubai: Strategic Challenges Confronting Operations Managers in a Shifting Global Landscape

Masterclass in Dubai: Strategic Challenges Confronting Operations Managers in a Shifting Global Landscape

Masterclass in Dubai: Strategic Challenges Confronting Operations Managers in a Shifting Global Landscape

6:30pm to 9:00pm
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Emerald Level 4, Meeting Suite 3, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

The subject of operations management has gone through some major evolutions over its history. It initially grew from around 5000 B.C. when Sumerian priests developed the ancient system of recording inventories, loans, taxes, and business transactions.

In its current form, operations management is a relatively new discipline, lying at the heart of most organisations it is directly responsible for the value-added transformation of inputs into tangible goods and services required by customers. Its strategic importance continues to grow; it’s where most of the added value; it is where most of the people are employed; where most costs are incurred and revenue is generated.  

As the world of operations evolves, so do interests and priorities within this profession. Impacts from the forces of globalisation, reduction in transport costs, lowering of trade barriers, internet-based technologies, etc. all present significant challenges to those involved in managing the firm’s operations resulting in the strategic reconfiguration of the resources and competencies that underpin the organisation's competitive capabilities.

This introductory class aims to provide managers and particularly those managing the operations functions an insight into the strategic significance of operations management. It will emphasise the essential skills and knowledge required to transform an operations function into a formidable competitive weapon. Participants will leave with an understanding that to succeed in this highly competitive and uncertain world it is critically important that their operations function plays a full strategic role in formulating and deploying the organisations business strategy. The premise of this session will be that operations can give the organisation the power to redefine its industries competitive landscape.

Paul Taaffee Prof Paul Taaffe BA(mgmt.), MPM, PMP

Paul Taaffe is the founder and lead consultant with Taaffe & Associates; a company that primarily offers advice, expertise and specialist skills concerned with leading transformation programmes in both public and private organisations. 

With vast practical experience gained from more than 30 years working in the telecommunications sector, he can bring particular skills and experience to the examination of production and service systems to determine the major design choices necessary to generate superior operating efficiencies.

Taaffe is also a Visiting Fellow and Module Coordinator on the Global MBA programme offered by Manchester Business School, University of Manchester.  He designs and delivers Operations and Project Management MBA courses for a number of 3rd level colleges and universities in Ireland, the United Kingdom and other centres around the world.

Among his many academic qualifications, he holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Limerick, Ireland and a prestigious Project Management Professional accreditation from the Project Management Institute in the U.S.A.