Faculty-led Masterclass: Technology & Innovation in Higher Education

ELiP Masterclass

Faculty-led Masterclass: Technology & Innovation in Higher Education

6:00pm to 7:30pm
Dubai Knowledge Park, Conference Centre, Block 1, Dubai, UAE

How do we develop and nurture innovation? What are the pitfalls? What insights can be gained if we understand how learners work with technology, and what does this mean for how our institutions typically make decisions about technology strategy and policy? How does digitisation and informatisation impact on the work of educational institutions in a broad sense, and how do teachers and managers need to respond to issues raised such as privacy and security, internationalisation, and cultural colonisation?



Dr Andrew Whitworth

Dr Drew Whitworth is the Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy at Manchester Institute of Education, The University of Manchester. Drew has a keen interest in information, technology and e-learning within higher education space, thus leading him into publishing several journals and articles, as well as co-author several books.
Since 2011, Drew has been the Special Academic Adviser with general responsibility for the University of Manchester's collaboration with the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. In addition to supervising many research projects for students, he is responsible for delivering courses such as The Development of Educational Technology, Media and Information Literacy, and Researching Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at The University of Manchester.
Drew is a member of the Learner Generated Contexts research group, and has run a range of professional development workshops, on the subjects of e-learning, digital and information literacy, lasting between one and four days, in various countries. 



Dr Alexander Gardner-Mctaggart

Dr Alex is a lecturer in educational leadership at the University of Manchester's Institute of Education (MIE). His research focuses on international and globalising educational leadership and global citizenship education. In his current position at the University of Manchester he is responsible for developing the blended Masters in Educational Leadership in Practice, working with the University of Manchester Worldwide on global rollout of this extraordinary master’s programme.

Dr Alex is an active member of BELMAS, and works within the Critical Educational Policy and Leadership RIG.